You're likely here because either A.) you are a prospective client that is currently interested in what my policies around COVID-19 are, or B.) you are a current client who is considering modifications to your existing date. I've compiled a list of frequently asked questions that have popped up over the past several months.

First and foremost, I empathize with each and every couple who is tasked with navigating through this time and is forced to make sacrifices and modifications to something they have spent so much time planning. I applaud all of the couples I've chatted with who have made the decision to keep their original date with a socially distanced, more intimate selection of close friends and family.

I am more than happy to accommodate any government-imposed or venue-imposed guidelines that are made in the interest of keeping guests and vendors safe. If it is an indoor venue that required a mask, I will certainly abide by their regulations. If that means I strap 6-foot fun noodles to my body to ensure I socially distance myself, I’m happy to accommodate that request as well.

For any dates that are affected by a county, state, or federal lockdown, I am happy to provide a single date change to an available date on my schedule at no fee. Understanding that Saturdays are the prime wedding day of the week, my ask is that you strongly consider having an alternate day (such as a Friday or Sunday) to allow me to book new couples for the prime dates.

Ideally, you would be willing to check with me on availability before making a date change. In the event that you choose a date I am unavailable, I will refund anything paid to me, minus the non-refundable retainer. If you have only made a retainer payment, there is no refund.

Yay! Easy peasy. All I do is add an addendum to your existing agreement and change the date in your client account. Once it’s signed on your end, you are all set.

For clients who choose this route, I’m happy to work out a revised package that fits your needs better. While I won’t be able to downgrade your overall package, I can work on creating a package that covers the needs of both events.

Unfortunately, this is treated as a cancellation. Despite that, the reschedule fee will only be 25% versus losing the 50% retainer and requiring a new one.

This is a tough one that’s taken several conversations to get through. The circumstances that currently exist are difficult for everyone involved. For couples, their dream day isn’t happening as planned. For vendors, we’ve had months of income wiped from our books with the expectation that we transition affected clients to new dates in a new wedding season. It’s lost income during 2020 and lost income in 2021. There is so much give during a lockdown, completely penalty-free, that the only fee charged is if a couple chooses to completely change dates without it being a mandated lockdown.

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