Do you recommend 2 photographers?

I tell couples that with over 50 guests I can get about 85% coverage. The limitation really just boils down to only being in one place at once, so there are a couple of things I can’t physically get. There are some reception details I can’t get to before guests typically destroy them (centerpieces, cocktail hour details, etc), but I am still able to get the major things (cake, sign in table, rings, etc). The coverage for getting ready may be a bit lighter as well since I bounce back and forth between the groom and bride’s rooms. I also heavily focus on the activities of the bride and groom during a reception (they’re partaking in activities, thanking guests, etc) so I may not have much time to do things such as table shots for those couples that are looking for that sort of coverage during the reception. If you are wanting lots of details and loads of candids of guests are super important I would recommend 2 photographers. If the description of coverage with a single photographer is what you are looking for then one should be good!

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