Do you require a vendor meal?

This is a great topic of debate among vendors. Some put it in their contracts that it’s required or they are entitled to X amount for compensation and time for a break. I don’t, however, it does need to be noted that wedding days are generally very, very long days for photographers. We don’t get to just “show up and take some pics,” we are on our feet for extended periods of time, running, jumping, crawling on the ground to get our clients great images. This is not an outcry of poor working conditions by any means, just a friendly reminder that many vendors go way beyond the scope of their job description to ensure their couples are happy and a vendor meal goes a long way in showing your appreciation. To put it in perspective, I once had a bride tell me during a consultation that she didn’t understand why she should feed vendors when she’s paying them to work. Whether one would have been needed or not that said enough about her for me to decide that it wasn’t the wedding for me.

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