What sets you apart from other photographers?

To be quite honest I’m not sure what other photographers’ defining characteristics are. We’re all sort of in this giant vacuum together that mostly ends up boiling down to (for many couples anyway) price and personality fit. What I can tell you is what couples get when they hire me. They get a photographer with experience, someone who knows most other vendors’ roles in making sure the wedding day runs smoothly. I’m the photographer that pins boutonnieres on groomsmen when the florist ditches out because she’s got another wedding to deliver flowers to, the photographer who makes sure that the sand ceremony is properly set up when I see it’s sitting there in a box two minutes before the ceremony starts, the photographer who makes sure you have a plate and fork ready before the DJ announces the cake cutting (and the photographer who’s ready to photograph that when the DJ announces it out of nowhere), the photographer that places the chair properly on the dance floor to make sure the garter removal photos are the best they can be and people aren’t getting flashed when you sit down.

All of these things will get done, most likely without you ever noticing or even realizing that I did them. From that perspective the “going above and beyond” can be somewhat thankless, but I take that as a positive sign when couples have no idea something didn’t really go the way it was supposed to. I’ve seen enough disasters, enough things not go the way they were intended, and enough vendors duck out before finishing their job or not paying attention. Fortunately or unfortunately for me my job revolves around paying attention, and that’s what you’ll get. So if you are looking for a strong selling point or reason to book me over someone else, that would be it.

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