Why do you post your pricing visibly online whereas other photographers require you to email them?

The answer to this question revolves around my philosophy on my business personally, customers and life in general. It’s well into the 21st century and couples are busy. Not just with wedding planning, but with life as well. A wedding in and of itself is a huge life step, but it rarely occurs without other major milestone’s as well. Whether it’s finishing college, starting a new job, having a child, buying a home, moving to another state, or absolutely any combination of these things, you’ve got less time today than you did yesterday and no more time tomorrow. Being that we live in this thing called the “Information Age,” wouldn’t it be prudent to provide you the information you’re looking for? Needless to say, I believe in giving prospective clients the tools and information they need to make the right decision without them having to twist my arm or wait for a response from me. The crazy thing I’ve found is that the easier I make it on my couples the easier my couples make it on me.

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